India’s Elephant Culture

All over India, elephants show up unexpectedly. Elephants the animals and elephants the idea permeate Indian culture: religion, history, natural history, folklore, daily life. It started over 4000 years ago when elephants were first captured and trained. Elephants have served in armies as living tanks and troop carriers. They have done hard labor; carried great burdens, lent dignity to official functions, and even helped level the very forests on which their lives depended. They are the living embodiment of the god Ganesh, and are an essential part of Hindu temple festivals.  In short, elephants are pillars of Indian life and culture.

Indian elephant cultureElephant village, IndiaElephant village, Indiac100-untitled36.jpgElephant village, Indiac31-Elephant_village13.jpgIndian elephant culturec59-IndiaWash.jpgElephant village, IndiaIndian elephant cultureElephant village, Indiac31-ElephantCalf2.jpgElephant logging IndiaElephant logging Indiac72-Elephant_WOODT.jpgElephant logging Indiac50-ElephantCamp.jpgc37-23324R.jpgc5-FestElephantPrint.jpgElephant culture of IndiaElephant culture of India