Through our multimedia company, The Story Group, we produce journalistic videos examining environmental and social issues of our time.  Please click here on The Story Group to browse our video collection.  Below are samples of our recent work.


Moving the Giants (2015)  After premiering at Banff Mountain Film Festival in November, Moving the Giants is touring the film festival circuit well into 2016. The film profiles David Milarch, an arborist from central Michigan. In 1991, Milarch had a near death experience that inspired a personal quest – to archive the genetics of the world’s largest trees before they’re gone and to replant global forests to fight climate change. This is the story of David and the redwood champions of California.

Because Moving the Giants is making the film festival rounds, we’re restricted from releasing the entire film online. Please check our Facebook Page for upcoming screenings.

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Our Native Tongue (2015) The Northern Cheyenne are opposing a proposed railroad that would cut through their ancestral lands to haul Montana coal to the Pacific coast for export. Our Native Tongue reports on the Cheyenne’s fight against the railroad and the extraordinary coalition of tribal people and ranchers who have joined together to stop the project.

Unacceptable Risk – Firefighters on the Front Line of Climate Change (2015)  “On a day-to-day basis, we’re being surprised. And in this business, surprise is what kills people.” So says Don Whittemore, a career firefighter who has battled many of Colorado’s epic fires over the past two decades. The Story Group recorded the experiences of Whittemore and other firefighters who are repeatedly responding to record-breaking wildfires. Human-caused climate changes are transforming Colorado’s fire environment, bringing higher temperatures, drier fuels, and diseases to forest. These climate impacts mix with other human pressures to create a volatile situation for firefighters and communities. If current trends continue, we can expect more frequent, larger, and more devastating wildfires in Colorado and across the country.

Native Bison, Native Lands (2012)–On March 19, 2012, 63 genetically-pure Yellowstone bison were rounded up in a holding facility near Yellowstone National Park and relocated to the Fort Peck Sioux and Assiniboine reservation in northeast Montana. For the first time in more than 100 years, pure wild bison returned to their historic range. For the Native people it was a day of deliverance. For biologists it was the first step in repopulating public and tribal lands throughout the West, and ensuring the survival of the wild American bison.

Putting Up the Fish (2014) Nondalton, Alaska is a traditional Athabascan village whose residents have lived off the land for 10,000 years. June Tracey tells us about fish camp, the places each year Nondalton residents go to “put up their fish.” The annual salmon run is central to the native culture and diet, but a looming threat could bring an end to an ancient fishing tradition. Nondalton is only 15 miles from the proposed Pebble Mine site and if the mine goes in, it could mean disaster for Nondalton’s and Bristol Bay’s salmon run.