Bison herd, Fort peck Reservation, MontanaYellowstone bison are shot as they leave the northern boundary of the park.ElkRefuge009.jpgWinter, Grand Teton National Park, WYBison and its calf, Yellowstone NP.The majestic gemsbok in Namib National Park, NamibiaJohn Squires carries a tranquilzed lynx for testing, MT.Portrait of a captured wild lynx, MT.Gobi National Park, MongoliaMountain gorilla, Virunga NPNatural gas drilling near Pinedale, WY.Pronghorn and drill rigs, Pinedale,  WYDrilling for natural gas, Pinedale, WYNatural gas  development, ColoradoA roughneck on a coal bed methane drill, WY.Gas development forced these ranchers to sell, CO.Fishing on Morgan Lake at the Four Corners coal-fired plant, NM.Short-eared owl, IDAn elephant claf and mother swimming in a river, India.The Climax mine and tailings impoundment, CO.A Wyoming Game and Fish officer with a poached elk.Wolf kill, this calf was found just minutes after a wolf killed it, Pinedale, WY.Road kill elk on a wintery Wyoming road.!988 Yellowstone fire.